Dear Friends,

After receiving feedback from you, our patient family, it has become clear that the fight against depression and anxiety is a major priority for you.

As such, we are keeping our clinics open so that you can continue with your treatments.

Rest assured that Penn Tampa TMS is taking all necessary precautions and is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation so that you can carry out your treatment with peace of mind. Your safety and that of our employees is our top priority. That is why, upon the COVID-19 outbreak, we created a team dedicated to monitoring the virus’s spread and adapting our operations accordingly. We have since implemented a series of preventive measures in our clinics, in accordance with recommendations from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In addition to our rigorous maintenance and cleaning process, the CDC protocol is scrupulously being applied to our clinics as a whole, including treatment rooms, TMS chairs and all common areas.

Thank you for being patient during this difficult time, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Welcome to Penn-Tampa TMS Wellness

We provide patients in the Tampa Bay area the latest in depression treatments. We are pleased to be able to offer Neurostar® TMS Therapy to our patients. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy is one of the most technologically advanced depression treatments available. This non-invasive, outpatient therapy is FDA cleared and has helped thousands of depression patients who have not received adequate results from antidepressants.

TMS Therapy is the Right Choice

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) uses a targeted pulsed magnetic field, similar to what is used in an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine. While the patient is awake and alert, NeuroStar TMS Therapy stimulates areas of the brain that are underactive in depression.

TMS Therapy Chair

TMS Therapy Highlights

Non Invasive

Non invasive and non systemic. The only side effect is the possible minor irritation of the scalp.

19-37 Minutes

Each treatments typically lasts between 19-37 minutes. The variation depends on your diagnosis.

30-36 Treatments

A typical treatment course consists of 5 treatments per week over a 4-6 week period.

Awake and Alert

You will be fully awake and alert. You can return to work after your treatment with no restrictions.

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